Object definitions for landscape architecture and standardisation processes in Norway

The BIM for landscape initiative in Norway has reached an important milestone: The first edition of the landscape architecture information model is now complete. The list of object definitions was released earlier this week, complete with English translations, and revised spreadsheets of objects and components were published earlier this summer. The full list of objects and spreadsheets is located at www.bimforlandskap.no.

Backdrop: SOSI Landskapsarkitektur (Landscape Architecture)
As a preliminary project, the BIM task force has worked since 2014 (see www.underland.no) with assembling, identifying and classifying potential objects for use in landscape architecture models, based on input and experience from a range of professionals both nationally and internationally. The result was announced in November last year with The Norwegian Geospatial services’ (Kartverket) release of the SOSI standard (the Norwegian Geospatial Object Standard) for Landscape Architecture, and the current list of definitions derives from this work (see http://www.kartverket.no/globalassets/standard/sosi-standarden-del-1-og-2/sosi-standarden/sosi-standarden-5.0/sosi_landskapsarkitektur_5.0.pdf).

What does this mean?
The goal of this set of definitions, parameters and proposed code lists is to combine efforts towards a unified landscape object standard, which can be integrated into the IFC-standard and allow developers to create the necessary support for landscape objects in their software. This will in turn lead to a proper landscape modelling process, devoid of proxy elements, mixed standards and information sets.

What happens now?
The next step in the development of BIM for landscape is implementing the model contents in specifications and software. From there we aim to continue the initiative – we hope that, before long, we landscape architects can deliver complete BIM-models as well.

Landskapsarkitekt MNLA

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